Mekkit University 042 Maze Blacktile

Mekkit University 042 Maze Blacktile

Hey everyone!

If you don't have a blacktile palette, this is a way to make blacktile using the "natural water" palette.


Maze Blacktile 2.0


A lot of work, but still a useful alternative to using a blacktile palette to blacktile small areas.


      1. Use Tile Inspector to lower the Surface all the way down to 0 (Land Tool will only lower down to 2)

      2. Copy and paste two maze pieces of the Brick wall variant (selectable in the ride's paint menu tab)

      3. Lower the maze pieces into the hole and notice the annoying land colored dot in the center.

      4. Reorder the tile so the Surface is above everything and the dot should disappear.

      5. If other objects are placed atop the tile, the Surface may peek through the maze.

      6. Reorder the tile once more so that the Surface is again above everything, and the Surface should

          be hidden again.


(Unfortunately, this means track supports may not be possible on these tiles.)