Mekkit University 040 Freezing Guests

Mekkit University 040 Freezing Guests

Hey everyone!

There are many ways to torture your guests, from dropping them in lakes to putting them on death coasters. But did you know there is a way to freeze your guests in place? This guide will show you two methods!



Freezing Guests (tram method)

Written by Aedificatori


1. Build a 2-long strip of path. Designate one side as your guest location (brown, here).

2. Construct a miniature railroad across the opposite path (gray, here) as shown. Add entrances/exits as needed.

3. Set the vehicle to be a single tram, and set the ride to shuttle mode. Then put the ride in testing mode and wait for it to get stuck between the stations.

4. Drop a guest on the designated path tile. They will turn to face towards the track, then stop.

5. Demolish the miniature railroad from the ride window. You may NOT delete either of the two path tiles, though building around them or changing path type is allowed. This guest is now fixed in place.



Jumping Guests

Written by TerrorHenk


          1. Build a 2x1 maze with only a 2x1 connection to the entrance, with the entrance and exit next to each other.

          2. Delete the maze tile connected to the entrance. Do not delete the tile connected to the exit.

          3. Set the max guests capacity to 1 or 2. Open the ride until the guests have entered. They'll be stuck jumping in place.

          4. Hide the maze tile connected to the exit with the tile inspector. Hide the exit and entrance. Close the ride without forcing the guests to leave.


(Note: The guests will only look in the positive or negative x-direction. You can find the x-direction with the tile inspector: change the x-coordinate, and selected tile will move in the x-direction. The guests will slowly lose their energy while stuck in the maze, decreasing the frequency at which they jump until they stop jumping altogether. You can reinvigorate them with the guest maximum energy cheat.)