Mekkit University 039 Entrance Chaining

Mekkit University 039 Entrance Chaining

Hey everyone!

When you rotate an entrance, guests don't move in realistic ways to enter the ride. This tutorial will show how to fix the sporadic jumps your guests make when entering a ride with a rotated entrance!


Entrance Chaining

Written by CactusCoffee

You can use two entrances to control guests' walking animations when they board a ride. This is useful when you want the ride entrance moved or rotated using cheats, as the animation can behave strangely in these situations. With this method, guests will consistently walk from one entrance to the other before boarding.


1.) Use the Tile inspector to copy the original ride entrance, and paste it where you want the queue to end. Make sure the entrance's front door (the shorter one) is facing the queue.

2.) Paste another entrance where you want the guests to board the ride, with the back (taller) door facing the ride. This entrance should be at the same height as the first, or else the trick will break upon reloading the save.

3.) Select the first copied entrance in Tile Inspector, and click "Make Usable". Connect it to the queue line as normal, so that the sign at the other end of the queue appears.

4.) Select the second copied entrance in Tile Inspector, and click "Make Usable".

5.) Delete the original entrance, leaving the two copies.

6.) Add a path tile from the front door of the second copied entrance, to prevent the alert messages that the ride entrance doesn't have a path. Hide this tile with a corrupt element if desired.

7.) Switch to the "No Entrance" station style to hide the entrance and exit buildings. Decorate as desired to make it look natural. (Note: You can paste the two entrances on the same tile but with different orientations to make an entrance with doors at a 90 degree angle rather than opposite sides)