Mekkit University 038 Heartline Transfers (🐟)

Mekkit University 038 Heartline Transfers (🐟)

Hey everyone!

Heartline transfers can make for some interesting effects such as conveyor belts and small floating squares! This tutorial will explain how to create such effects using Heartline Transfers!


Heartline Transfers (🐟)

Methods pioneered by Bear, Jens J, and Pæve


Sending trains through heartline transfers has some interesting visual effects.


          A. Trains with a front car switch the front car into a regular car, and the regular cars into front cars. (Really long Air power Coaster trains makes for a cool conveyor belt.)

          B. Trains with a back car switch the regular cars into back cars, and the back car into a regular car.

          C. Trains with only one kind of car, like the Wooden Coaster Train, turn into small green squares. (When operating underwater, the little green squares make for great fish in a pond!)


(Note: Any guests onboard that go through a heartline transfer will turn invisible as their regular cars turn into something else)