Mekkit University 037 Shifted Steel Supports

Mekkit University 037 Shifted Steel Supports

Hey everyone!

It is sometimes necessary to shift the supports of rides in order to line them up with scenery objects or other ride pieces. This has a number of uses when creating realistic support structures!


Shifted Steel Supports

Methods provided by Bear and Mamarillas


Steel Wild Mouse track can be used to shift steel supports out to the edge of a tile. Different placements allow for more complicated supports to be built. (Methods provided by @BEAR and @mamarillas )

        A - Normal Twister support placement (for reference)

        B, C, D - A single Steel Mouse curve can shift the Twister support.

        E - Sometimes need two curves to shift the support.

        F - Use Tile Inspector to lower the Steel Mouse curve(s) below Surface to hide.

        G - Quarter-tile Pole Supports align with shifted support.

        H - Copy and paste a duplicate Twister track to get double supports. Shift both to the sides using straight Steel Mouse.

        I, J - Connect shifted supports with Mini Suspended track

        K, L, M, N - All four angles of the pole supports look good (for reference)