Mekkit University 036 Single Bench Paths

Mekkit University 036 Single Bench Paths

Hey everyone!

Have you ever wanted a bench on only one side of the path? This tutorial will show you how!


Single Bench Paths

method provided by @Manticore


          1.) Build a t-junction path on the side you don't want a bench.

          2.) Add a no-entry sign. The guests should now treat this area as a straight path with one useable bench.

          3.) Hide the bench path, the extra path, and the sign with corrupted elements.

          4.) Copy and paste a green path with a single bench into place.

          5.) Copy and paste two straight asphalt paths over the top of everything.

          6.) Reorder as necessary to match here. Note that the no-entry sign only applies to the path directly below it in the TI list.


(WARNING: A lot of no-entry signs in a small space can interfere with guest pathfinding. Use sparingly, keep an eye out for abnormal guest behavior, and stay safe!)



The above method works with a few different terrain and path combinations. For example, the green path matches grass, the dirt path matches red sand, and the brown path matches dirt.