Mekkit University 035 Asphalt Path Curbs

Mekkit University 035 Asphalt Path Curbs

Hey everyone!

Many paved surfaces in real life have curbs to separate the roads from the walking areas. Here you will learn how to add glitch free curbs to your paths to add some realism!


Asphalt Path Curbs


This process is also used in ncso roadbuilding to make paint stripes out of base blocks!


       1. Build an asphalt path.

       2. Lower the surfaces on the edge of the path where you want your curbs.

       3. Copy and paste a Surface tile level with the path, reorder it to be the lower of the two Surfaces, and hide with a corrupted element.

       4. Copy and paste a grey wooden block just beneath the path.


Rinse and repeat on all path ledges



These curbs pair well with diagonal paths too, as they blend the otherwise pointy bits of the triangle steel blocks into the path.