Mekkit University 030 Volcano Rocks with Cool Dude

Mekkit University 030 Volcano Rocks with Cool Dude

Hey everyone!

Volcano rocks can be used to give a great dirt texture to your walls! This guide will teach you how to use them in this way, as well as introduce you to the coolest NPC in the game!


Volcano Rocks with Cool Dude


Volcanoes are Large Scenery objects and are composed of 3 unique pieces on each side, rotated and repeated for all 4 sides, for a total of 12 pieces. These pieces can be copy, pasted, and raised via Tile Inspector, but they cannot be rotated.


Cool Dude built an exploded view of the Volcano with the 3 different pieces color coded in yellow, red, and green. 



Cool Dude rotates the camera angle for us to show what the volcano pieces look like from another angle. The pieces highlighted in sand look different now! Thanks Cool Dude!



The middle [red] and [green] pieces are unusually tall from one of their four angles. The [yellow] pieces are the most useful for making custom rock formations.



Remember that the rocks only look right from one angle, so turn the camera when you work like Cool Dude does and copy and paste more rocks to fill out the other angles. Here, the cliffs on the left only use one rock and don’t look good from the other angles. The cliffs on the right use a second rock to keep them looking cool no matter the camera angle.