Mekkit University 029 Benches on Wood Queues

Mekkit University 029 Benches on Wood Queues

Hey everyone!

This trick will allow you to put a bench on the base support of a queue line! This is a unique way to add details to piers and other wooden surfaces!


Benches on Wood Queues without Railings

Method provided by Shen Kitchen


There are two different TT circuit paths. One with railings and supports as normal, and one with neither. The latter is the path we need to make this happen and is called Sky Walk FootPath.


    1. Place benches (or litter bins) on the skywalk path.

    2. Copy and paste two 4 point queue paths over the top.

    3.  {Exploded View} Make sure the path order has the regular path lowest in order so the guests use the benches.



Sky Walk path in the path tool 




Diagonal Railroad Supports


Railroad supports painted chocolate brown match the queue supports. Because of this, we can copy and paste the railroad's triangle supports along with 4 point queues to make diagonal wood decking. (Remember to use specifically this diagonal support from the outside of the wide curve, not from a diagonal straight section of track. This support doesn't have any track connected to it. It is 100% support!)