Mekkit University 025 Diagonal Fences

Mekkit University 025 Diagonal Fences

Hey everyone!

Diagonal fences work well with split land textures! There are two methods for creating diagonal fences, and both are covered in this guide!


Perspective Diagonal Fences (Method 1)

Disclaimer: Since these diagonal fences only look right from one camera angle, we gotta get creative about covering up the bad angles.


1.) Dig out the corners along the diagonal line where the fence will be.

2.) Place fences sloping down into the hole.

3.) The side angles have to be hidden, so add trees or tall buildings as necessary.

4.) The holes visible from the good angle can be filled with split tiles (4A), or by digging the original corner hole large enough to fill with bushes (4B)



Alternate angle, highlighting how useful these trees are at hiding bad camera angles.



BONUS: If you try hard enough, you can make colored fences work too






Diagonal Trackitecture Post Fences (Method 2)


Pieces of straight diagonal Mini Suspended Coaster can be copy and pasted, rotated raised and lowered into place and made to look like post fences. Looks good from all 4 angles.

          1. Copy and paste the side pieces into place (green tiles). Note that these pieces aren't actually where the fence is, but by isometric magic they appear to be where we want them, and that's enough!

          2. Add posts in the corners of the tiles along the fenceline (chess tiles).

          3. For the top view of the fence, copy paste the top piece of the track (red tiles). Again, not where the fence actually is, but one tile away so that they appear to be where we want them.

          4. Turn the camera and repeat steps 1, and do the same for step 3



Play around with track and fence types. There are some really useful combos out there!