Mekkit University 021 Gentle Slopes for Paths

Mekkit University 021 Gentle Slopes for Paths

Hey everyone!

Gentle slopes are a great way to add realism and depth to your parks. Below, you will learn how to create these sloped paths to be used by your guests!


Gentle Slopes for Paths


1. Lay down the 'real' path, and hide with corrupted elements. Make sure that these 'real' path pieces are always the lowest ordered path in each tile so that guests will use only this path.


2. Copy and Paste the even height fulltile paths [tarmac] into place, spaced every other tile.


3. Copy and Paste the odd height fulltile paths [brown] into place.


4. To fill the visible gap between each level, Copy and Paste additional fulltile paths underneath the existing path pieces. This will form short, two tile long segments of path that overlap each other, as shown.


5. The Finished Product. (Feel free to disguise the jagged path edges with fences or bushes)