Mekkit University 017 - NCSO Diagonal Trackitecture Flag

Mekkit University 017 - NCSO Diagonal Trackitecture Flag

Hey everyone!

Monorail track is very versatile and can be used to make great effects. One interesting way it can be used is by making flags! In this tutorial, we will learn how to make flags out of monorail sections!


NCSO Diagonal Trackitecture Flag


1. Build a suspended monorail with a diagonal curve, and paint it now, using as many color schemes as needed. For the USA flag, two color schemes are used - one for the red and white stripes, and a second for solid blue.


2. Copy and paste the end piece of the diagonal curve, rotating and stacking as necessary to build the desired flag.


[NOTE: It is important to paint the track before copy pasting, as these chopped diagonal bits cannot be recolored using the brush tool once separated from the rest of the diagonal curve]


Smaller diagonal flags make for good trackside flags