Mekkit University 019 Dynamic Frozen Trains (Broken Shop method)

Mekkit University 019 Dynamic Frozen Trains (Broken Shop method)

Hey everyone!

Freezing trains in place on a horizontal track is easy, but freezing them in a more dynamic position can look really great in front of a coaster queue! This method will show you how to stop a train on a sloped track without fear of it moving!


Dynamic Frozen Trains - Broken Shop method

(method provided by Bitman )



1.) Build a track with a chainlift of every non-station track piece.


2.) Test it in "Powered launch (without passing station)" mode, with the launch speed set to 0. Force a breakdown (Safety cut-out) when the train reaches the right spot.


3.) Change the ride type to "Shop" to silence the relentless breakdown messages. If a mechanic was called to the breakdown, briefly pick him up and put him back down to reset him. (You can of course build a dummy track in the opposite direction underneath the train since the real track is now invisible)



[NOTE: You can also operate in open mode to lure guests on to the ride before freezing]