Mekkit University 016 - Brick Maze Buildings

Mekkit University 016 - Brick Maze Buildings

Hey everyone!

The brick walls included in the maze ride can make unique windows for you buildings and also have an awesome texture! Here is a tutorial for creating buildings out of brick maze pieces!


Brick Maze Buildings

SETUP: Build a brick maze in this shape. These four pieces will be copied, pasted, rotated, raised, and reordered to form walls and windows. Will also be using a glass wall for window panes.

1.) Start with a layer of unbroken wall.

2.) Add a layer of windows, keeping the building corners sturdy and windowless.

3.) Add another layer of unbroken wall.

4.) Add window panes into the same space as the maze track, and reorder the window panes as necessary to minimize clipping.

5.) Repeat layers as desired. Build a nice roof, and reorder the Surface to be above the maze track pieces to eliminate any wood supports showing.

[NOTE:] For some odd reason, one of the two window panes on every North corner piece will stick out and no amount of reordering can fix this.