Mekkit University 015 - Fast Open Doors

Mekkit University 015 - Fast Open Doors

Hey everyone!

The doors included with RCT2 are all available only in the closed state, but sometimes it is nice to be able to place an open door. This tutorial will show you how to place a door that will stay open anywhere in you park!


Fast Open Doors

method provided by @bitman

1.) Build a Door.

2.) Build a ride track through the door and leave the Ride Construction window open.

3.) Toggle the Simulate function (the blue flag in the Ride Construction window) on until the car reaches the door, then toggle the Simulate function back off. The ghost train should disappear and the door should remain open.

4.) Demolish track. This now open doorway can be copy pasted around the map.

[NOTE: This method is obsolete as of 0.2.6 develop by the new tile inspector function]