Git Gud 080 - Adding a custom message to your park!

Git Gud 080 - Adding a custom message to your park!

Hey everyone!

OpenRCT2 displays a lot of messages in the bottom bar on your screen. Usually this is information about rides breaking down, or guests getting lost in your park (it is rumored you will also see a message when a guest dies, but i have never seen it, I swear). In OpenRCT2, you can also let the game display custom messages. This can be used to show someone who views your park some more information about certain areas or about a certain ride (or some dumb random facts). 

If you want to add a custom message to your park, you should first make sure you have finished building everything in your park! If you want to add stuff later, there's a good chance you will have to redo your custom messages. You should pause the game, type in your commands for custom messages, then save the game and send it to whomever you want to view the park! Make sure to test your messages before sending it to someone! The video below will show you the commands you can use to show custom messages in your park!

You need to use the in-game console for this, so don't forget to enable debugging tools in the game options.

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