Git Gud 029 - Shoestringing!

Git Gud 029 - Shoestringing!

Hey everyone!

When you hear someone talk of shoestringing in RCT2, what they are talking about is the act of splitting your vehicle into two or more smaller trains, which will both follow a different track on the ride. Because the game still sees these parts as the same train, they will both keep the same speed. This allows you to do some absolutely mindboggling stuff!

For example, you could have one part of the train on a track with a chainlift, and the other part of the train on a normal vertical track. The part on the vertical track will simply climb up the vertical track because the chainlift on the other part pushes it forward! If one part of the train is on a brake section, the other part will also brake, because they always have the same speed! This is sometimes used to make brake sections on hills, or on a diagonal part of the track!

I could explain everything you can do with shoestringing, but the video probably does a better job!


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