Git Gud 009 - Using ride pieces to make better looking stairs!

Git Gud 009 - Using ride pieces to make better looking stairs!

Hey everyone!

One thing I really like to do in OpenRCT2 is to make my paths invisible, and to replace them with different kinds of blocks to make nicer looking paths! I especially do this often for queues, because I don't really like the look of the queues the game offers. For slopes however, there are not many scenery options available. I sometimes see people use roof pieces for this, but it will probably look best with some ride pieces! 

What I really like to do when I want an invisible sloped path to look good is to place a piece of upwards sloped river rapids track under it! I use this in pretty much every park that I build. This trick is also really useful to make 2 or more sloped paths that are next to eachother look good! It removes the separation between the sloped paths that are next to each other, because the track pieces will be touching each other. The stairs themselves will always be black, but you can always give the rim a nice color!

In the video tutorial below you will see how to do it!

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