Git Gud 007 - Rotating your entrances and exits!

Git Gud 007 - Rotating your entrances and exits!

Hey everyone!

If you have played the original Rollercoaster Tycoon games, you probably ran out of space sometimes while placing ride entrances and exits or while trying to connect a path to them. In OpenRCT2, you have more flexibility here! If you use the Tile Inspector, you can freely rotate the ride entrances and exits. This will allow you to build a ride station in a tighter space!

To rotate an entrance or exit, simply select it in the tile inspector (if you hold ctrl while the tile inspector is open, you can click the entrance hut and it will immediately be selected), and then rotate it using the rotate button! You will notice that the entrance and exits both have a big door and a small door. You should always connects the paths and queues to the smaller door for it to work!

One thing that is a little bit annoying about rotated entrances and exits is that they can disappear if you edit the ride track afterwards.. So it's always good to save this part for the last!

PS: The video still shows the tile inspector in the debug menu, it has since been moved to the cheat menu!

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