Git Gud 003 - Track merging

Git Gud 003 - Track merging

Hey everyone!

One of the most powerful tricks that are available in OpenRCT2 is track merging!

Track merging allows you to have different kinds of track on the same ride. You can for example make a steep drop with splash boats track on your log flume, or you can make barrel rolls on your wooden coaster!

There are two main methods to do track merging. One method is by actually building a new ride, and letting the train go from the original track and cross over to the new ride. The other method involves changing your original ride to a different ride type, building the elements you want, then changing the ride back to its original ride type. Often you will have to build some fake track over the elements you build because they will often become invisible. This second method is my preferred method, because it will usually allow your coasters to work with block brakes.

I have made a tutorial video where you can see an example of me using these tricks! Merging is used a lot in the OpenRCT2 community, so it is definitely a trick worth mastering!

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