August 2022 - Lay-Down Coaster Contest

August 2022 - Lay-Down Coaster Contest

Hey everyone!

There is a coaster type in the game that almost nobody uses. I also see a lot of people build it the wrong way when they do. I am talking here about the lay-down coaster! This coaster type is actually based of Vekoma's early models of their flying coasters, also known as Flying Dutchman! In-game, it is called the lay-down coaster because in the station, the final brake run and on the lift hill, guests will be laying down on their backs! After climbing the lift hill however, the track will rotate to put the guests below the track in a superman style seating position! For most of the track, you'll probably want the guests to be below the track as it is a more comfortable and natural position. But for inversions like vertical loops or corkscrews, you'll probably have to flip the guests on their back!

For this contest, we will be using the lay-down coaster track which looks like the arrow-style track that Vekoma used to use on its Flying Dutchman coasters! You don't have to recreate an existing layout, since only a few different layouts have been placed in the world, but these existing layouts should give you a good idea of what kind of elements you could expect!


  • Rule 1: You have to build a Lay-Down Coaster! You must use the lay-down coaster vehicles (or the one from the expansions), and you must use the lay-down coaster track and/or multi-dimension coaster track for this coaster.
  • Rule 2: Your coaster layout must include a vertical loop!
  • Rule 3: The deadline for this contest will be on the 27th of August at 19:00 CEST!
  • Rule 4: For this contest, you are not allowed to use custom scenery or rides in your park, with the exception of custom recolorable versions of standard in-game scenery! You are also allowed to use a custom palette if you want. Please deselect all unused custom objects in the object selection before sending in the save file!
  • Rule 5: For this round, the maximum map size will be 50 x 50 tiles!
  • Rule 6: There is no limit to the amount of opened rides you can have in the park.
  • Rule 7: Have fun!

How to join

  • Step 1: Join my Discord server. Discord is completely free!
  • Step 2: Build your map and decorate it!
  • Step 3: When you are done with your contest entry, go on Discord, and send the save file to me in a Private Message. For the name of the save file, I want you to simply use the name that you use on Discord. For example, if your discord name is Mulpje, for the save file name, use Mulpje.park. After you have sent the save file to me, I will look if it follows the rules, and I will check for anything you can still improve. You can resubmit your entry until the deadline of the round, even if I have already accepted it. Please deselect all unused custom objects before sending in the save file!
  • Step 4: Submit a story for others to read in the voting poll!

After the deadline has passed, I will put up a voting poll with all the entries. In this voting poll, everyone who is a member on my Discord, including you, will be able to rate all the other entries, and leave a short review.

When the voting period is over I will announce the results in a Youtube video!

Good luck, and have fun!

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