Mini Wild Mouse Coaster Contest

Mini Wild Mouse Coaster Contest

Hey everyone!

A coaster type we do not see very often in our contests is a Wild Mouse Coaster! These coasters come in wooden and steel varieties, and can also have spinning cars! These coasters can be found in lots of parks throughout the world, and are usually very compact. These coasters typically do not have any banked track, and one of their defining features is usually that they have very sharp 180 degree turns and very sudden drops!


  • Rule 1: You have to build a wild mouse coaster! You can build either a wooden, steel or spinning wild mouse coaster. You must use a train type that was made for one of these coaster types, and the trains cannot consist of more than 1 vehicle.
  • Rule 2: The coaster is not allowed to have inversions or banked track!
  • Rule 3: The deadline for this contest will be on the 13th of September at 19:00 CEST!
  • Rule 4: For this contest, you are not allowed to use custom scenery or rides in your park, with the exception of custom recolorable versions of standard in-game scenery! You are also allowed to use a custom palette if you want. Deselect all unused custom objects in the object selection before sending in the save file!
  • Rule 5: The maximum map size for this round will be 20 x 20 tiles!
  • Rule 6: Other than the wild mouse coaster, you are not allowed to have any more opened rides. You are allowed to have other rides if they are closed or in test mode. You are allowed to have opened shops.
  • Rule 7: Have fun!

How to join

  • Step 1: Join my Discord server. Discord is completely free!
  • Step 2: Build your map and decorate it!
  • Step 3: When you are done with your contest entry, go on Discord, and send the save file to me in a Private Message. For the name of the save file, I want you to simply use the name that you use on Discord. For example, if your discord name is bermdebom, for the save file name, use bermdebom.park. After you have sent the save file to me, I will look if it follows the rules, and I will check for anything you can still improve. You can resubmit your entry until the deadline of the round, even if I have already accepted it. Please deselect all unused custom objects before sending in the save file!
  • Step 4: Submit a story for others to read in the voting poll!

After the deadline has passed, I will put up a voting poll with all the entries. In this voting poll, everyone who is a member on my Discord, including you, will be able to rate all the other entries, and leave a short review.

When the voting period is over I will announce the results in a Youtube video!

Good luck, and have fun!