Mini Ride Recreation Contest

Mini Ride Recreation Contest

Hey everyone!

We have done several contests where players had to recreate a real existing coaster. We will now do a mini version of this contest! Players can recreate any existing amusement park ride. In this contest however, players will have to recreate the ride in its actual location! 


  • Rule 1: You must recreate a ride that exists or that has existed in a real park! If you recreate multiple rides, write in your story which ride you want to be rated!
  • Rule 2: You must recreate the actual surroundings of the ride as well (you can recreate it as it looks now, or at some time in the past)
  • Rule 3: The deadline for this contest will be on the 28th of January at 19:00 CET!
  • Rule 4: For this contest, you are not allowed to use custom scenery or rides in your park, with the exception of custom recolorable versions of standard in-game scenery! You are also allowed to use a custom palette if you want. Deselect all unused custom objects in the object selection before sending in the save file!
  • Rule 5: For this round, the maximum map size will be 400 tiles! You can change the length of the map edges to your preferred size, for example 20 x 20 tiles, 13 x 30 tiles, or 16 x 25 tiles. All tiles within the selected map size count towards the limit, even if you paint them black.
  • Rule 6: There are no limits to the amount of opened rides you can have in your park!
  • Rule 7: Have fun!

How to join

  • Step 1: Join my Discord server. Discord is completely free!
  • Step 2: Build your map and decorate it!
  • Step 3: When you are done with your contest entry, go on Discord, and send the save file to me in a Private Message. For the name of the save file, I want you to simply use the name that you use on Discord. For example, if your discord name is the_bru, for the save file name, use the_bru.park. After you have sent the save file to me, I will look if it follows the rules, and I will check for anything you can still improve. You can resubmit your entry until the deadline of the round, even if I have already accepted it. Please deselect all unused custom objects before sending in the save file!
  • Step 4: Submit a story for others to read in the voting poll!

After the deadline has passed, I will put up a voting poll with all the entries. In this voting poll, everyone who is a member on my Discord, including you, will be able to rate all the other entries, and leave a short review.

When the voting period is over I will announce the results in a Youtube video!

Good luck, and have fun!